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The Team

We are a team of highly skilled individuals and motivators.

n/aMartin C.Y. Lai
Managing Director

Getting older and balding, Martin's experience and management is invaluable in keeping both Sublimes clients satisfied and his staff happy. Or is it just the bonuses.....

n/aBella Pang
Personal Assistant to MD

When she's not smiling and keeping the translation and communication of the office projects running smoothly, Bella will either be sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating or.........eating

n/aDavid He
Production Manager - Interior

With 10 years rendering experience behind him, David has a great eye for detail and colour. Has a few whispy long hairs on his chin and a long little finger nail, as he thinks they look 'artistic'.

n/aMike Yang
Production Manager - Exterior

With 15 years experience, 10 of them as a partner at the worlds largest visualisation company, Mike brings vast experience to the team. Cool as ice under pressure.

n/aAbao Long
Senior Visualiser

Abao has learnt the ropes well in the last few years and although he had a promotion recently, his winning streak at cards came crashing to an abrupt and tearful ending.

n/aDong Lee

Also our IT geek. Dong has not been late to work since having to buy everyone breakfast for arriving late 3 days in a row 2 years ago. Never says anything.... ever !